About us

Who are we?

EzPay Advisory is a professional financial consultancy founded by a group of experienced financial planner and senior financial consultant.

The group has grown from a team to a group with 30 over peoples and expanded to 2 branches in KL.

We provide professional consultation and services to overcome your financial difficulties, high gearing ratio, loan rejection from banks and high comitment debts.

Dealing with more than 10 over financial institutions, we can compare the best products and services to suit our clients the most.

Vision & Missions

In Malaysia, there are a lot of peoples who are facing financial difficulties due to high interest rate and monthly comitment from credit cards and loans debts. Its is hard for Malaysian to seek for proper advice and solution. Therefore, Our goals are to provide best services and always put our clients on our priority.

We will provide complete solutions to assist our clients end-to-end to get financial facility approval from bank and restructure clients bank debt into lower interest rate and repayment amount.

We share our procedures, process, services, solutions and charges with full transparency, Pros and Cons on every products, to make sure our clients fully understand.

Lastly, after disseminate the correct solutions and knowledge on debt management. It helps lots of people to move on with stress-free and debt-free monthly comitment and interest rate. Provide space for clients to expand their business or oppurtunity to achieve their goal. The most important, with proper financial advise will able to reduce the bankruptcy rate in Malaysia.